Daily Archives October 27, 2008

Merger of Disney and Wal-Mart Announced

Disney is about to announce a major merger between themselves and Wal-Mart Stores.  Each has their individual claim on the customer and leads their industry in creating a unique customer experience. Disney has over 25 million visitors to their theme parks each year.  In one recent news story it was suggested the price for a family of four and a visit to Florida would put the trip at $5000 or more. Wal-Mart on the other hand, gives the customer an experience starting with their “Greeter” and cookie cutter store plan, right through to the check out.  84% of all Americans
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Welcome to the Customer Experience

Ah . . .the Customer Experience.The wedding, the graduation, the poor customer service, the stage play, the buying of that new appliance, the relationship with the visiting salesman, or the relationship you have with your doctor.  Done right, they create experiences and events that change and mold our lives. They create drastic change in direction, are the fodder of sweet memories, and staging points for a return to “do it again.” They cause us to marvel and look in awe at the organizations who produce them. Done wrong, they are the core of anger, frustration, lost productivity, evaporated profits and
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