Business and Personal Charisma for Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Leadership


Business and Personal Charisma for Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Leadership

The Charisma Consultant

When YOU need:

  • Sales Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Read and understand body language, and how to use non-verbal language to connect with others.
  • Develop presentation skills that will make you a hit in front of any audience . . . from one to one thousand.
  • You want “Industrial strength” listening skills and world class questioning skills.
  • Your own creativity and innovation skills.
  • Motivation and personal drive, to succeed, and then move onto being significant.

You are challenged with:

  • Charismatic Sales that overcome “price” and build deep, abiding relationships.
  • Customer Service that goes beyond wow, to Customer Experiences that have word-of-mouth-buzz for referrals through the roof.
  • Marketing and Branding that is both creative and low cost/no cost . . . AND GETS RESULTS
  • Negotiations Skills
  • Presentation skills that make you stand out from the crowd.

Business Charisma! 

Both for your organization and for you personally.

Charisma is that one quality that trumps fame, intelligence, wealth and even sex appeal for power and influence.  Charisma is that je ne sais quoi, or special something that creates the magnetism and magic that:

  • Increases revenues (35% more), and drives up profitability by 36%*, turning customers into raving fans.

  • Charismatic organizations are shown to be worth 40% more in the market

  • Charismatic organizations have customers who will pay 50% more for offerings.

  • Makes employees work harder, and to be more satisfied with their jobs.

Charisma is the “secret sauce” behind Disney Apple, the Ritz Carlton, Harley Davidson, Southwest Airlines, and a host of other organizations.  You can put the skills and science of developing this mesmerizing capability into

  • Develop your own personal charisma.  Become a significant force in your world (work, family, school, medical practice, etc)

  • Make your Sales Team more powerful for higher sales, and increasing margins.  Yes the power of Charisma skills can crush price competition.

  • Your leadership team can become more inspirational, creative and innovative.  Decrease turn over, and leverage the resources you are already paying.

  • Develop a brand that shouts out your value, that lowers your marketing costs, and watch your customers become ambassadors and champions for you.

We work with individuals and organizations who want to STAND OUT, who want to make a serious contribution and put a dent in the universe.  Our CHARISMA clients include:


Leaders, managers, supervisors, sales people, customer service, lone wolf entrepreneurs


Sales training, marketing, customer service, strategic planning, consulting


Growing membership, increasing dues and non-dues revenues, improving retention, creating brands, marketing, events that get noticed.


Increasing student population and tuition dollars, developing the staff so they ALL recruit with easy to use, proven methods.


Improving customer service, getting levies passed.

Our engagements are high energy, entertaining, extremely interactive, humorous and jam packed with information that will get your organization results . . .NOW.