Charisma Series

Each available as  Keynote, Breakout, or Workshop. Detail for each program below.

Business Charisma

How Great Organizations Engage and Win Customers Again and Again

Charisma is the ultimate marketing tool.  In this entertaining and information packed presentation, you will discover 8 elements used by Disney, Apple, Harley-Davidson and others , that make them magnetic.    Motivational, and humorous, you will get new and unique insights like:

  • What is the 180 Degree Rule and how does Hollywood use it to empty your wallet?
  • Why did Disney pay $50,000 for a 14-year-old to work on weekends?  What did he invent that gave Disney charisma?
  • How do you create such urgency in your customers that they will pay 50% more for what you have to offer?

Stop being a “best kept secret” and catapult your business past the competition.  In addition, you will get the new research-based insights on ways to improve your personal charisma.  Filled with stories and examples from Victoria Secret, Starbucks, Cirque du Soleil and a bunch of Amish chicken growers . . . this session will have you in stitches, learning and hoping that your competitor does not attend!

This presentation is complimented by the book of the same title

Personal Charisma

Increasing Your Presence and Making YOU Magnetic with Skills Used by the Influential, Inspirational and Magical

Never has there been a presentation where you can get so many insights into how to become more personable.   Drawing on cutting edge research, this session is laced with skills and behaviors that are proven to make anyone more magnetic and warm; to improve your “bedside manner.”

  • How to read and use body language, and voice tools to drive your personal charisma through the roof and to understand others with their unspoken messages..
  • Learn the secrets of “Up-talk” and “Down-talk” for more powerful communications.
  • Discover how to instantly make people like you, within seconds, with new discoveries in human chemistry.

Charismatic people get more promotions, are admired by others, are healthier, and known as better communicators.  Charisma also increases leadership and persuasion skills.  Interactive and entertaining, this presentation can change your life and help you change the lives of others.  Laugh and learn with stories from Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and Oprah and the skills to make you magical.  If EVER there was a session you did not want to miss . . . this is it!

Charismatic Customer Service

Service that Drives Word-of-Mouth Buzz Through the Roof and Takes Customers Beyond Wow!

In this interactive, entertaining session you will discover the secrets of Disney, Ritz Carlton, Trader Joe”s and others who are champions of moving customer service to the next level.  What goes beyond service, and beyond providing engagement and customer experiences?  In this session you will learn:

  • Telephone skills that create word-of-mouth buzz . . .
  • The secrets of creating “experiences” that will have customers coming back again and again.
  • How to turn angry and frustrated customers into champions who recruit others to your efforts.

Using stories, hands on exercises, and examples from organizations as diverse as Zappos, Victoria Secret, Apple Computer, and even Harley-Davidson . . . this session reeks of fun, motivation and Ah-Ha moments galore.

Charismatic Presentations For Professionals

Understanding, Listening, and Professional Presentation Tools, Tips, Tricks, and Traps

Today your audience expects so much more from your presentations.   Death by Bullets from PowerPoint is no longer endured.  How to use multimedia, methods to create interactivity, and tools to entertain are essential to the professional.  In this presentation you will learn:

  • What is “power” in your audience and how to use it to bring about change, and increase your influence.
  • Listening and questioning skills that are used by consultants that make you an industrial strength teacher.
  • Tools, Tips, and Traps for PowerPoint
  • Methods used by professional speakers to hold an audience of one to 1,000
  • How to incorporate multi-media into every presentation.
  • Understanding generational difference and the basics to make sure your presentation connect with each.

Laugh and learn as you experience real time communication skills that you can apply RIGHT NOW.  Presented to “sold out” audiences of professional speakers, teachers, sales people . . . this material WILL lift your persuasive skills and make you more powerful.

Sales & Marketing Series

Each available as  Keynote, Breakout, or Workshop. Detail for each program below.

Status Quo to Status Grow

The 4 Elements of Explosive Business Growth

In this humorous, highly interactive, and entertaining presentation, you will get new and unique skills to grow your business.  Laugh and learn as you discover the secrets used by giant corporations to connect, and motivate their customers to take action now.  Get the cure for being a “best kept secret.”  In this session, you will get:

  • Ways to stand out with simple tools for communicating your value.
  • How market with low or no budget and want to win against the “big guys.”
  • Learn how win those big customers and make your smaller customers want to tell others about your value.

Jam-packed with insights on business growth that you can apply immediately, this session gives you creative ideas from organizations across North America.  Laugh as we explore chocolate, elephants and wrinkle remover and how they can help you win.  Learn how to confidently communicate your value to your customers . . . and make the phones ring.

This presentation is complimented by the book: Throwing Gas on the Fire: Creating Drastic Change in Sales and Marketing

Spontaneous Combustion

How to Become a Trusted Advisor using Consultative Selling Skills that DRIVE Results!

Discover the magic of consultative selling skills combined with the customers demand for trusted advisers.   Highly interactive and customized, you will learn how successful business people are stealing the simple and easy to use methods that doctors and lawyers use to build creditability, professionalism and power.   You can Drive High Performance Sales :

  • How to prospect and get the customer call you back!
  • Learn the four types of questions that are used by trusted advisors.
  • What are the 5 strategies for selling and why do sales people default to the one that is least successful?
  • Discover how buying process change priorities during each engagement and how your selling tactics need to change.
  • Get the skills to connect decision makers.

Engaging, entertaining and humor filled, this session is great for the new selling executive and the experience old pro as well.

This presentation is complimented by the book: Spontaneous Combustion – Discovering the Customer”s Problems, Passions, and Priorities

Charismatic Negotiations – Building Engaged Customers Who Trust

The 3 Steps to Consensus, Partnership and Successful Negotiations

The manipulative negotiation methods of the past now drive customers away.  The new buyer wants a facilitator who can assist in their purchases.  In this session you will learn the three simple steps to negotiations in the emerging Dialog Economy.  You will learn:

  • Types of Negotiations and the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • The 12 Tactics used by professionals to negotiate, with pluses and negatives of each.
  • Skills that are used to move the customer through the 3 phases of a negotiation.

This material is filled with exercises, and group interaction to make this material come alive.  You will laugh as you discover the strengths that you have for modern negotiations, and which new skills to develop.  Reduce your stress.  Increase your sales.

“You Had Me at Hello”

 How to Connect in 3 Seconds With ANYONE . . . the New World of Networking

The Elevator Pitch is killing business.  Today you need a more dynamic way of engaging others, and to become more magnetic.  You want the Word-of-Mouth buzz that will have others spreading the news of your business.  This interactive and entertaining presentation will show you how to turn every conversation, 100% of them, into a great business outcome.

You will:

  • Learn how to confidently communicate your value to others, to make you a connection they want to associate with.
  • Discover the three no-fail steps that professional communicators and journalists use to get attention and educate . . . to your benefit.
  • Get a method that can make every conversation you have with someone else, turn into success for your business.

Laugh and learn as we get real world examples on how to be a world class networking wizard.  What can you learn from The Godfather, the Wall Street Journal, and great chocolate that will make you a networking wiz.  A session that you will hear about for months to come . . . don”t let it be the one you missed.

Grow Your Organization

The Tools, Tips, Tricks and Traps to Growing Your Association and Have a Blast at the Same Time

Highly interactive, entertaining, and chalk full of ideas and practices that will grow your membership.  From the book of the same title this session will give you easy to use and creative ways to

  • Drive membership growth
  • Improve retention
  • Increase volunteerism
  • Develop a powerful leadership team that is committed to succession and your success.

With ideas like:

  • What are the 3 things you do in the first 3 minutes of every event that WILL drive membership through the roof.
  • Learn the secret used by church ladies everywhere to improve event attendance.
  • What is the strategy for growth that most associations use and yet is the most prone to fail.
  • 5 things to make word of mouth buzz for your association explode.
  • And dozens of more ideas . . . .

Warning.  This is NOT your usual conference session.  You may suffer writer’s cramp from the massive banquet of ideas.  Motivating, humorous, and fast paced this is one you will not want to miss.

Making a Difference

How YOU Can Change the World, a Look at the Butterfly Effect

Motivating and Inspirational, come and explore the magic of individuals who changed the course of history.   Lift your mind and heart as you laugh and cry with the journeys of solders, and slaves . . . criminals and heroes who made history and a difference.  Impact the lives of your customers, employees, and loved ones by becoming significant with the four elements of true greatness.

  • How did a Al Capone relationship inspire the lives of millions for good, decades after his death.
  • Learn about a farm accident that created one of the greatest baseball successes ever.
  • What one word that was uttered at Gettysburg that caused the downfall of Nazi Germany.

Is success enough?  Is fleeting fame enough?  In the middle of our technology laced, media fed, and values-challenged-world you will get examples that will inspire, direct, and give you tools to change the world.   And get the rest of the story . . . .

High Performance Teams

The 5 Phases of Teams  and how to Unleash their Latent Genius and Leverage Their Unique Abilities

Eighty percent of all teams languish in mediocrity and the average.  Discover the 5 phases that all teams go through on their way to Wow performance, as they inspire, perform and influence.  Audience members will discover the coaching secrets of world class leaders who inspire and lift.   You will get:

  • How to build trust instantly between team members.
  • Skills to draw out the creative abilities of individuals on the team.
  •  Team members will understand the right (and the wrong) time to ask for additional resources and support from Leadership

Filled with humor, stories and insights from organizations who consistently form superior teams.  Learn why CEOs are less likely to help team success than  kindergarteners.  Why are Millennials better team members than Baby Boomers and how should that impact your performance.   The future belongs to teams, so get the skills to make yours High Performance!

 (Note to Meeting Planners: The following  presentation can be made into the ultimate workshop by adding our experiential activities and games for groups.  Experience “Newspaper bridges”, “Marshmallow Challenges”, and “Mousetrap Sandwiches” and your group will talk about this event for years!)

Adding Pizzazz, Zing, and Zip to Your Next Event

Driving word of mouth advertising THROUGH THE ROOF

In this highly interactive session, participants get to C.A.S.E. (Copy and Steal Everything) ideas from each other.  They take their best ideas and run them through the Event & Experience Builder Worksheet.  This tool draws best in class practices and insights from the most successful organizations including Hollywood, Disney, Nicole Kidman, and others.  At the end of the session, participants will have marketing plans and events that have WOW.  Their events develop Word-of-mouth zing and advertising explodes.  Help your participants get results, have fun, and develop creative events, marketing, and participation.

Materials utilize information in Kordell’s book: Throwing Gas on the Fire – Creating DRASTIC Change in Sales and Marketing.

Change Your Now to Wow!

Strategy Planning & Execution Meet for Explosive Growth

Captivating and engaging, your group can understand how to create a world-class strategy that motivates employees and your customers.  However, what good is a vision and mission if you cannot make it happen?

This high content presentation looks at what goes into great strategies.  The second half explores the world of HIGH EXECUTION.  Discover the leadership absolutes that will move away from the average and join the 20% who get results!

  • Learn why Strategic Planning is not enough anymore.
  • Make your Strategy a Reality by understanding the 7 elements of Execution
  • Discover how to develop mission and vision that compels, motivates and inspires.

Take the complex world of strategic planning and execution and make it easy to understand and to put into practice.  For smaller groups Kordell, a certified graphic facilitator does real time with graphics and illustrations.  For large groups the use of animation is used.  Both are entertaining.  Add humor, examples, and interaction and this is an experience to not be missed.