“I was most intrigued by and ultimately inspired by Kordell’s graphical facilitation skills. He was able to listen to our responses and capture not only the words but also the context, emotion and impact of what we were saying in a way that documented the whole response.”

Melody Obery, Human Resources Manager
University Hospitals – Medical Center

“Mix one skilled marketer with a graphic artist and season generously with energy and people skills. The result is Kordell Norton. Try this recipe for a high energy, fun and stimulating program that will lead to positive results for your organization.”

Bob Cannon, CMC

“I really did not believe that Strategic Planning and Visioning could be this interesting and fun”

Belmont Technical College

“I was concerned about giving up a weekend day to have my folks attend Kordell’s workshop.  Totally worth it.  I would recommend him to anyone.


“His ability to make people comfortable and to get them to open up is the best I have ever seen. . . anywhere”

McKinsey Consultant
(name withheld to protect the guilty)

“I had an opportunity to work with and see Kordell Norton in action as a facilitator recently.  His energy was felt by all present.  Comments from session evaluations included statements such as:  “Kordell was outstanding! Gave me an opportunity to really think!!,” “The Instructors energy was great!.”  He led a group of highly educated, highly motivated  people through some planning steps that ended in a high level of buy-in and enthusiasm about using the process.  Great facilitator!”

Pat Hoyt, EnterpriseOhio Network

“I have just returned from the WCCE conference in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and need to tell you about Kordell Norton. . . He was AWESOME! He has a keen business background, having successfully worked on the team that brought us the “Generic Brand” in the late 70’s, and many sales related positions including marketing and HR for thousands of employees. He brings a lot to the table and does it with humor and energy, as well as stories and drawings. As you know, I’ve been attending these state conferences for the past 11 years and Kordell is one of the best I’ve seen.”

Allie Williams, Director of Organizational Development
American Chamber of Commerce Executives

“I was most impressed by your ability to guide us through what we as a group thought to be impossible undertaking…developing a plan to join two distinctive campus operations into one within the scope of two days.   Hour by hour our group was able to see progress.    Every member of our group had a voice in the process, which created wonderful synergy and enthusiasm.  Let this letter serve as warning…you will be busy from all of the referrals!”

Sharon Attaway, Director,
Continuing Education and The Business & Industry Center,
Miami University

“I will go to any class or meeting that he would be involved in.”

David Carl – ASTD Akron

“Kordell stretches your brain!  We learned amazingly creative ways to visualize organizational goals and how to align our team with those objectives.”

Jenni Reusser, president,
Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce

“When Kordell enters a room he brings warmth, energy and joie de vivre. His confidence is infectious and infuses the environment with a spirit that is difficult to ignore. A thinker and perhaps a Renaissance man—he makes reinvention look easy! With business savvy built around his breadth of knowledge, experience, and sound business processes, infuse his penchant for collaboration and his giving nature are core strategies as well. “

Janine Moon, Executive Coach

“Kordell’s workshop . . . Educational! Humorous! Helpful! Humbling! Very worth the time!”

DAI Ceramics

“Thanks for the time you spent with us.  The insights on our “customers”, and the fine tuning we did on our stage show was a huge help.  I think your greatest trait is your enthusiasm to help others believe in themselves and their product . . . to get us to re-gender and renew the belief and enthusiasm in our product.  Thanks again.”

Brett Family Singers, Branson, Missouri

“Kordell was outstanding at adjusting the workshop to our needs versus using a “canned” approach.  Most useful idea is where we really need to focus our efforts – He helped us come to conclusions we’ve been struggling with for quite some time”

First Energy Corp, Akron, Ohio

“Thought you would like to know the feedback I got from my fellow Rotary members after your presentation to our group.  It was basically twofold . . .
1) Good Program with an energetic speaker covering an interesting topic and. . .
2) Wished you had a lot more time”

Rotary International Club

“Kordell facilitates a highly organized planning program utilizing extraordinary tools which results in an active participatory program with specific outcomes.  I recommend Kordell for his facilitation skills, high energy, and ability to direct planning activities to their desired outcome.”

Judy O’Dwyer, Director,
Business & Industry Institute,
The Ohio State University Newark – Central Ohio Technical College

“I really wanted to get some direction and buy-in from my Board and steering committee. . . .  I suggest Kordell and his processes to anyone doing planning.”

Cindy Karger, Tech Prep Coordinator,
North Coast Tech Prep Consortium

“Just wanted to thank you again for talking to the kids.  They have left up the papers from your presentation so they can see them everyday.  You could not have done a better job and I really believe you struck a chord with the kids.  Thanks Again!!!”

Judy Spooner, Twinsburg City Schools