Daily Archives October 31, 2008

"It's a Funny World". . . .everybody says that . . .but no one is laughing

We think of the Customer Experience as those moments when something is being bought or sold. “Not so Kemo Sabe” Since employees give their support to management by continued work and contribution, savvy organizations understand that employee surveys and 360 performance reviews are a must. In the middle of all of this comes some recent research by Fabio Sala on boss/employee laughter. He found that the top performing leaders elicited three times more laughter from their subordinates than the average leaders did. What does this say.   When people are having fun, can laugh at themselves and their environment; where
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Put a Bullet in it – Customer Service is Dead. But rising from the ashes. . .

Customer Service is the minimum ante to get into the game.  It used to be what you strived for.  Not anymore.  Unless you are moving past customer service to Customer WOW and creating Customer Experiences you are behind.  This is a world where the customer is enveloped in a stage play like production that involves the product, service or shopping event.   Customer Service was getting the patron to their seat in the theater. . .but the customer experience started with the raising of the curtain.   For example, Customer Service was what you got when you went to Kings Point or
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