Daily Archives June 11, 2018

“But Noah, I thought the Ark left at 8:00?” . . . it is all about timing

Information overload.   Real, oppressing and even suffocating.  When we are on the receiving end we ignore, and also knee jerk react with a liberal use of the delete key. But when it is you that wants to inject your interests into the mind of a prospect the hot topic is TIMING. I reflect back on a particularly hard travel day that had me checking into a hotel room hungry and wishing I could just “veg” instead of making a journey to a restaurant.  There in my hand was the electronic door key to my room.   I looked at it and
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Purple Delta Airlines?

It was the first day of the roll out of the newest version of Delta Airlines uniforms.  From ticket counter to flight attendants, the consensus was unanimous.   They look horrible.  One flight attendant pointed out that the entire Delta plane is a symphony of blue.  That was when I noticed how the new uniforms looked out of place with row after row of blue leather seats. There was agreement that the new uniforms were better tailored.   But without exception everyone felt they were not listened to as the changes were considered, and eventually rolled out. Eventually there will be acceptance. 
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