“But Noah, I thought the Ark left at 8:00?” . . . it is all about timing

Information overload.   Real, oppressing and even suffocating.  When we are on the receiving end we ignore, and also knee jerk react with a liberal use of the delete key.

But when it is you that wants to inject your interests into the mind of a prospect the hot topic is TIMING.

I reflect back on a particularly hard travel day that had me checking into a hotel room hungry and wishing I could just “veg” instead of making a journey to a restaurant.  There in my hand was the electronic door key to my room.   I looked at it and saw the 800 number for the local pizza place.  TIMING was perfect.

Then there was the timing of my new bride, who after a 35 year career and finally getting her two sons raised and on sure footing decided that she could consider marriage for the first time in 25 years.   TIMING was right, as I now had a divorce in my own rear view mirror.

Public Speakers have to market themselves.  Trust me, they would rather be in front of an audience, but it is a job that needs to be done.  TIMING is everything.  Contact that prospective meeting planner a month before their big event and you become a major annoyance and makes you wreak of being an amateur.  2 weeks after their event and you risk connecting when they have  “meeting hangover”.  6 months before, and most like they planning is all done and you are late to the game.

TIMING for a speaker then demands they adopt a CRM (computer speak for Customer Response Manager . . . or TIMING machine) which will remind, and prompt them to contact the meeting planner 2 months after the last big event.  Almost the perfect time to catch the next cycle of planning for the big event.

Information overload today requires the proactive professional to use and leverage technology.    When the clients finger is ready to push the launch button, you want to be standing next to them.



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