Daily Archives March 19, 2018

The 6th Listening Skill

Steven Covey gave us the 5 listening skills.  Simply it starts with Apathy – “I don’t know and I don’t care”.   This is the world of pity, and indifference. Sympathy – We now listen, but we are just listen because of our own self interests.  We listen to respond. Empathy – We listen, to understand and feel with our hearts.  To put ourselves into the others place Major NOTE:  Empathy is processed in the brain where pain is registered.   If someone is not careful they will soon have Empathy Burnout.  Hence the reason there is such high burnout with doctors
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The evil sibling to Humility and true reality is . . . . .

Ocean crossings require constant corrections based on changing environment. Education that is only backward looking lacks the total Janus wisdom of application of knowledge based on future states.  Perhaps why generals are best prepared for the last battle in the last war. Reality is not truth based.  Reality for us is based on our own biases.  Our redefining of the daily wash of life so we can maintain a degree of sanity and control in our lives.  The great enemy of real education, of service, of winning then is pride.  The inability to accept what is.  Protect the ego.  Hedge
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