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Revised and Updated – a new “last chapter” of my first book

Since 2007 my first book, titled Throwing Gas on the Fire – Creating DRASTIC Change In Sales and Marketing has gone back to the printer several times.  My experience is like most authors, that first book tends to be a little more special to us.  Before I go to the printer again, I felt it needed some updates, editing, and revisions.   So I removed the last chapter and replaced with the following, which is more “where are we now, and what direction does mankind need to  head?   Excerpt from the new and improved book “Throwing Gas on the Fire –
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What happens when you find a true charismatic who has no ego?

What happens when you find someone who is truly charismatic, and yet they have zero ego? A treasure really.    Like finding a precious gem, or discovering some incredible life changing wisdom.  In this case it is a person. By coincidence, my new bride introduced me to  her “tax accountant.”   In my mind I thought, “sure, this is probably just another dime-a-dozen bean counter”.   How embarrassing to be so judgmental and so very wrong. Calm, authentic, caring, honest, and hard working.  We first met her and her husband at a lunch.  An older couple, the conversation quickly turned to individual lives; 
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