What happens when you find a true charismatic who has no ego?

What happens when you find someone who is truly charismatic, and yet they have zero ego?

A treasure really.    Like finding a precious gem, or discovering some incredible life changing wisdom.  In this case it is a person.

By coincidence, my new bride introduced me to  her “tax accountant.”   In my mind I thought, “sure, this is probably just another dime-a-dozen bean counter”.   How embarrassing to be so judgmental and so very wrong.

Calm, authentic, caring, honest, and hard working.  We first met her and her husband at a lunch.  An older couple, the conversation quickly turned to individual lives;  ours and theirs.  He is a city council member in their community.  She serves on the boards of various local governmental agencies in addition to the few tax clients she “lets in”.

To see this couple you would realize that they do not bring celebrity accolades, that they probably don’t have the expansive house on top of a hill, or that they buy the clothing styles of the day.  Instead you “get real” vibes of someone who does not cater to “status” and “position.”   Theirs is a world of service to others, honest, “boy scout” kind of caring.   Are there reallypeople that are this good?

Since that initial meeting I have been in their home.  Clean, organized, purposeful, with the day to day necessities thought of and addressed.

These are purposeful, direct, “salt of the earth” people.  Considerate, kind, and dare I say . . . loving.

What a precious commodity.   You just DO NOT find these kind of people on a daily basis.

I would share their names, but when you find a gem this rare . . . you tend to be very stingy and protective.  Only the best are “let in”.

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