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Conversation with a true charismatic. . . er . . .my nephew.

There are those who you KNOW are charismatic.  Bill Clinton, Oprah, JFK, Ronald Reagan.  In business it gets a little more subjective.  In life it gets very rare because it doesn’t always follow power. Often position gives charisma.  You run a Fortune 100, there is an implied charisma.  Doug McMillan, the new President of Walmart might inherit charisma because of position.  But those around him say, “he is the most charismatic person I have ever known.” Recently I had a conversation with a nephew.  It was him, my oldest sister, and my youngest daughter and me.  Personal, close, family. Afterward,
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“Seriously, what are the proactive things that speakers do to get engagements?” – A NSA Mountainwest Presentation

On March 21st, the Mountainwest Chapter of the National Speakers Association will be having their 2018 event titled: Paid to Speak.  As I will be presenting I thought it would save attendees some time if they could just listen and not have to take notes.  So the following are the points that I will be making.  To all you attendees.  Enjoy. Do they, the Customers, have money? (If no . . . Start over, i.e. – see Association, Government, Education, and/or Corporation)   There are so many speakers who want to talk to mothers who have experience being single and falling in
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