Daily Archives November 7, 2017

The Brilliance of the Multitude

There is a wisdom that comes with groups.  One person can contribute, but if you wisely draw on the insights of the group (I did say wisely) then marvelous things can occur.   Gone are the days when you needed an Einstein to win.  We will take the Aaron Rogers as our quarterback, and such talent should not be dismissed.   But on a day in and day out basis it is the support cast of characters that can you the organization brilliant. The misguided thoughts of leaders who feel like they are the keeper of all brilliant ideas must be put
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"But . . . they are free?"

Dr. Brad Harken, a dentist in Spokane, had just sat through my presentation at the American Dental Society’s National Convention. I had some free dental bib chains I wanted to give him.  They are the small chain that has clips on either end, which keep a napkin on your chest while you are having dental work done.  In this case the two chain clips said “Crest” and “Oral B”.   Stay tuned.  Even Proctor & Gamble can get it wrong. Dr. Brad noted that in his practice they don’t use the metal chains because when you put it around the patients
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