The Brilliance of the Multitude

Pulling on the insights of employees

There is a wisdom that comes with groups.  One person can contribute, but if you wisely draw on the insights of the group (I did say wisely) then marvelous things can occur.   Gone are the days when you needed an Einstein to win.  We will take the Aaron Rogers as our quarterback, and such talent should not be dismissed.   But on a day in and day out basis it is the support cast of characters that can you the organization brilliant.

The misguided thoughts of leaders who feel like they are the keeper of all brilliant ideas must be put behind.  Creativity can be found everywhere, and unless we are willing to C.A.S.E. (Copy And Steal Everything) from others we will fall behind, living in our world of mediocrity.

Someone once asked Walt Disney if he was worried about others stealing his ideas.  His response, “I create too fast.”

Forgive the spelling errors . . . but you get the point.

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