Daily Archives September 25, 2017

Part 4 – Revelation & Vision for the Future – Skills That Will Create Significance

Today, and in the future, where mass-customization is the call of the day, we will do business “with” my Starbuck’s, my doctor, or my Disney vacation. “When I go to MY Starbucks,  they know me personally.   I appreciate that fact when they put MY name on MY cup of java.” Like the Pied Piper, the future will vacuum us into personal relationships with others and their organizations.   Disney’s Magic Plus, or a Harley-Davidson HOG weekend, or even the personalized shopping experience of a Zappos shoe purchase, will become the norm.  It will become the expected. Your competition will change from
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Part 3 – The Nuclear Power of Word-of-Mouth-Buzz – The New World Order of Dialog

Fifteen minutes of fame has become 15 seconds . . .  if you are lucky.  Mass customization is the call of the day, as big box stores retreat in the face of 2-day Amazon Prime delivery.   Librarians can no longer keep up with the cataloging of new information.  There is too much and it is coming too fast. Hollywood is grappling with the fact that instantaneous reviews of the latest movie on Rotten Tomatoes, is determining financial success immediately.  Like the outcome of the Super Bowl, now judgement is in hours, instead of days and weeks. In the new world
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