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Eavesdropping in on a Conversation – the Wisdom of Jill Konrath

I dropped into the bus seat next to a complete unknown.  Returning to the hotel after an evening conference excursion to Chicago’s Second City Comedy Club, I supposed the conversation would be good.  Little did I know. This conference was exclusively for Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) members of the National Speakers Association.   A CSP is an earned certification that is held by less than 2% of professional speakers. “Hi, I am Kordell Norton.” “Well, hello, my name is Jill Konrath.” “You are kidding,” I said wide eyed.  “THEE Jill Konrath of SNAP Selling?” “Yes” “I am reading your book right
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How to Drive People Absolutely Crazy – The Godfather Principle

The conversations occur everywhere.  At networking events, church socials, Chamber of Commerce lunches, and telephone calls with others.  Everywhere people struggle with the daily grind and toil of life. There is something you can do, that will make you unforgettable to those in your world.Do a nice deed for them. Then walk away. Don’t stick around for accolades, or the compliment, the expression of gratitude and thanks.   Just walk away.  The result is incalculable. For example.  Enter the Godfather.  A slice of dialog out of the movie when a petitioner approaches the Godfather to ask for some injustice to be
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Advanced Leadership – Is Chick-fil-a really THAT much better?

Driving by a Chick-fil-a  restaurant, my spouse pointed out the consistently long line in the drive up window.   The food is clean, good tasting, but is it really something that is so deserving as the rabid fans they seem to draw? Or is it their service, and the moral and ethical stance. Can chicken be moral and ethical? There is a “Flavor of the month” mentality on leadership, sales and customer service results which often looks like chasing ones tail.  Throw in a pickle, a fish, or some other factor, and you can dress up the basics of trust, respect,
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