Advanced Leadership – Is Chick-fil-a really THAT much better?

Driving by a Chick-fil-a  restaurant, my spouse pointed out the consistently long line in the drive up window.   The food is clean, good tasting, but is it really something that is so deserving as the rabid fans they seem to draw? Or is it their service, and the moral and ethical stance.

Can chicken be moral and ethical?

There is a “Flavor of the month” mentality on leadership, sales and customer service results which often looks like chasing ones tail.  Throw in a pickle, a fish, or some other factor, and you can dress up the basics of trust, respect, good manners into the latest “must have.”

In one Chick-fil-a I noticed the tall pepper grinder standing a foot tall, next to the napkins and plastic cutlery.   Do people really value freshly ground pepper?   Or is the pepper grinder just a symbolic gesture of really listening and pampering the customer?   Sometimes empathy, respect and being just plain old nice, can make even simple chicken magical.

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