Part 4 – Revelation & Vision for the Future – Skills That Will Create Significance

Today, and in the future, where mass-customization is the call of the day, we will do business “with” my Starbuck’s, my doctor, or my Disney

Personalized Customer Interactions a must in the future


“When I go to MY Starbucks,  they know me personally.   I appreciate that fact when they put MY name on MY cup of java.”

Like the Pied Piper, the future will vacuum us into personal relationships with others and their organizations.   Disney’s Magic Plus, or a Harley-Davidson HOG weekend, or even the personalized shopping experience of a Zappos shoe purchase, will become the norm.  It will become the expected.

Your competition will change from those who provide similar products and service.  Instead your competition will be comparisons that are made for your value,  and those of Apple, Disney, Trader Joe’s, and other organization’s that connect with a personal relationship.

Sales training will have to change.  Customer Service will have to move to a higher level.  Leadership MUST inspire and lift.   Those interactions with customers and employees that can be done by I.T. systems . . . will result in humans being replaced by machines.  At the same time, those who can connect at a personal level, with warmth, TLC, and charisma will be in huge demand.

Fantastic “bedside” presence will be a must for ALL healthcare providers.  Great manners and graciousness, will be a standard expectation for ALL customer service interactions.  As information and pricing becomes free-and-easy to find, the relationship that will win . . .  will go to personalities that honestly connect.  Authenticity will rule supreme.

Technical skills will continue to be of value.   But to really get ahead, your personality and warmth will need a tune up.  Presentation and communication abilities will have to move to a higher level.  No longer can you just “present”, but instead you will need to be present.

Creativity, the number one thing of value in personalized relationships, will have to be taught, along with its close cousin . . . humor.

The future, YOUR future, will need skills and processes that build warmth, personality, authenticity, and charisma.

Success will not be enough.  You will need to be significant to customers, employees, and stakeholders.

The teachable skills that will make you charismatic, will win.

And to those who get these . . . it will be a LOT of fun!

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