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Ice Cream and the Civil War – The Next Steps for Providing the Value that YOUR Members Want

The South attacked from the north.  And the North attacked from the south. What insights from the battle of Gettysburg are there for associations? Consider some basic principles. Transactions grow up into Transformation As business matures, and competition increases, most products and services become more transactional.  Specialized offerings get more competition, which forces everyone to sharpen their pricing, or get some sort of edge.  Eventually products become so generic that the market evolves into a “big box store” or morphs into high value offerings.  Consider the overrun of Sears by Wal-Mart (transaction) and Nordstrom (transformation).  When you want a makeover
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What keeps people from Selling More

Their creative nature. . . .”Squirrel!”  They get distracted Time Management (see #1) Lack of coaching (see #1 & #2) Lack of direction and clarity (see #3) Status Quo maintenance – “this is the way it has always been done” Self Esteem issues To little product knowledge To much product knowledge Lack of faith in the product Lack of a Sales Plan (see #4) Lack of Creativity and Innovation (thinking outside the box) Lack of new ideas (see #11) Lack of new prospects (see #10, 11, 12) Using old methods of selling Don’t understand the market and the new dynamics (our
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Hey, you extraverts out there. You are working IT too hard.

“Dad,” he says.  “There is one thing you need to tweak.  It is not a big thing, but you are overthinking something.” My son has grown up.  With a family of his own and some life experience to tote around, I was all ears.  You have got to love it when you kids teach you most significant lessons of life. Back to that story in a minute.  Let’s walk another path for a moment. Blah, blah, blah . . . yada, yada, yada.  The old “show up and throw up.”  Are you guilty of amateur selling?   May I suggest you
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