What keeps people from Selling More

  1. Their creative nature. . . .”Squirrel!”¬† They get distracted
  2. Time Management (see #1)
  3. Lack of coaching (see #1 & #2)
  4. Lack of direction and clarity (see #3)
  5. Status Quo maintenance – “this is the way it has always been done”
  6. Self Esteem issues
  7. To little product knowledge
  8. To much product knowledge
  9. Lack of faith in the product
  10. Lack of a Sales Plan (see #4)
  11. Lack of Creativity and Innovation (thinking outside the box)
  12. Lack of new ideas (see #11)
  13. Lack of new prospects (see #10, 11, 12)
  14. Using old methods of selling
  15. Don’t understand the market and the new dynamics (our Generals continue to fight the last war with weapons that would be best for past battles)
  16. Can’t get past the gatekeeper
  17. The don’t trust others (so others don’t trust them)
  18. Don’t know how to find the decision maker
  19. Can’t facilitate consensus with other stakeholders
  20. Don’t know how to “shut up”
  21. Don’t know how to listen
  22. Don’t know how to counter “pricing” issues
  23. Don’t know how to create proposals that get accepted.
  24. They think that they could succeed if they just had better marketing stuff
  25. Uncomfortable speaking/connecting with “higher ups”
  26. Don’t know how to get the attention of prospects
  27. Doesn’t know which opportunities to focus on first
  28. They are not being held accountable
  29. They get paid too much
  30. They rely too much on tenure and their reputation
  31. They are not working hard enough.


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