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Driving Sales Results – Are YOU Using the Wrong Method?

In the cartoon the king is racing off to battle, his sword drawn, the troops in colors and armor and waiting in row upon row, their pikes at the ready.  He brushes past a courtier whom he brushes off with a “I don’t have time to talk to any salesman right now . . . I have a battle to fight” There to the side of his tent is the salesman with a machine gun. Are you going into battle with dated weapons?  In 1925 the book was written that was the basis for most selling for the last 100
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All of my heart loved Olive My Heart

The only thing missing is a French accent. It was a Friday night and my wife and I and our master chef friend, Judes Smith (Judes Foods) went into the Olive My Heart store in Stow, Ohio.  This is a mini version of the exquisite Olive Oil boutiques found in Nice, or Paris.  They have various “flavored” olive oils and exotic vinegars on shelf after shelf.  It takes just a few minutes to start tasting the possibilities of taking something that is a item and turning it into an experience.  It had all of the experience building blocks down –
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