Driving Sales Results – Are YOU Using the Wrong Method?

In the cartoon the king is racing off to battle, his sword drawn, the troops in colors and armor and waiting in row upon row, their pikes at the ready.  He brushes past a courtier whom he brushes off with a

“I don’t have time to talk to any salesman right now . . . I have a battle to fight”

There to the side of his tent is the salesman with a machine gun.

Are you going into battle with dated weapons? 

In 1925 the book was written that was the basis for most selling for the last 100 years.  It outlined features & benefits, overcoming objections, and closing techniques.   It is estimated that over $6 BILLION dollars are spend each year on sales training that focuses on these “swords and spears.”   These selling techniques naturally fall into place when someone has a transaction with a customer.  If you need to sell a car, socks, carpet squares, or a box of cereal, these skills may well be the foundation for your efforts.  “Do you want a service agreement for that purchase?’

By the 1970s the next generation of selling emerged with Mike Bosworth and his solutions selling, which found a resurgence with SPIN Selling from author Neil Rackham.  Research indicates that 75% of all organizations want to move out of a price competitive world and into this Solution Selling environment.  In Solution Selling organizations can have a hand in the transformation of the customer’s business.  You want to be a trusted advisor, the consultant, the respected professional . . . just like a respected doctor or lawyer.  Building on the foundation of transactions the walls go up with Solution Selling. 

And that lasted until the 2008 economic downturn.  Now what?

Today, selling must move from

Transactions => Transformation => Transport

Since Solution Selling builds on basic sales techniques, today’s Experiential Sales Training builds on Solution Selling.  To drive your business revenue, cutting edge selling requires you to transport the customer, and their business; to a place they have not even contemplated.  In a flat world Columbus transported Europe with his round world doctrine.

It is time to put a roof on the house.  It is time to drive sales results. 

Experiential Selling Skills

Move your selling abilities to the next level.  Drive results instead of hoping and wishing.  Make the competition evaporate.

There are lessons learned from Disney, Apple, Victoria Secret, and Dyson vacuum cleaners to move to this new world. Consider:

  • In one Gallup survey it was determined that Experiential Selling can show a 36% increase in profitability.
  • The Corporate Executive Board results show that Experiential Sales people contribute 54% of all results in complex offerings.

Basic Sales

Solution Selling

Experiential Selling




The Foundation

The Walls

The Roof


Experiential Selling is about . . .

  • Lifting the customer’s world through unique abilities you bring to the market and presented in a way that connects.
  • Going through the 7 steps to create the 6 parts of your Experiential Sales Message.
  • Understanding where basic sales and solution selling skills fit and WHEN THEY DON’T in driving sales results.
  • Understanding the different “languages” that are spoken by the different levels of management within your customer and how your sales messages MUST change with each.
  • Know how to move past cold calling and how to connect with decision makers.
  • Learning how to find out about the customer’s visions/objectives/mission and how your sales message can help THEM drive their business success (and grow yours at the same time).

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