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A Small Town Pays Attention to the Small Stuff and Get BIG Results

< !--[if gte mso 10]> You gotta love someone who does their job with simple elegance and ease of execution. Many moons ago I was putting on a morning workshop for three smaller Chambers of Commerce in a small remote Ohio hamlet.  I know I need to get over myself, but I have to tell you; this was pretty good stuff.  Great information on how to grow your business, ways to communicate your value . . . all of that doctrine.  So afterward Craig Brown, who works for the Small Business Development Center in that area says, “This is something
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Shrimp, Blenders and Southwest Airlines – When smaller is better.

He was my mentor and teacher in developing the artistry of “the  boil”.  I blame Jim Dixon. He taught me.     I had a day job of marketing $200 million dollars of personal computers a year.  But at night I would dawn a white apron and become. . . .Wait for it. . . . Shrimp Boil Chef You take a pot the size of a large microwave; add olive oil, salt, garlic, cayenne pepper, whole lemons, whole onions and lots of Cajon spices.  Bring that all to a boil and add red potatoes, corn on the cob and finally
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