A Small Town Pays Attention to the Small Stuff and Get BIG Results

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You gotta love someone who does their job with simple elegance and ease of execution.

Many moons ago I was putting on a morning workshop for three smaller Chambers of Commerce in a small remote Ohio hamlet.  I know I need to get over myself, but I have to tell you; this was pretty good stuff.  Great information on how to grow your business, ways to communicate your value . . . all of that doctrine. 

So afterward Craig Brown, who works for the Small Business Development Center in that area says, “This is something the businesses in the north end of my area are in dire need of.  Kordell, would you let me pioneer having you do this workshop in Findlay, Ohio?” 

The date was picked and the location targeted.Findlay Chamber of Commerce

Then the fun began.

Enter the Findlay Chamber of Commerce.  These people “get” marketing.  One of the most masterful jobs of brining all the resources together I have seen in a long time.  I have just stood back and watched the orchestration of several events, the media and people as they promoted this event. 

As a marketing guy for 3 decades, the simple, clear and obvious things they did seem so simple.  Each a “of course. . . that should happen” event.  But added together and the impact is huge. 

1.       They set up the morning workshop almost 4 months prior to the event.  This has allowed them to market.  It is has also allowed me to invite others to come and “get a taste” of the materials.  There will be businessmen who will drive for an hour to Findlay to hear this presentation.

2.       Next came the 20 minute speech to a networking group on the subject of Coop Marketing.  In hind sight, although I managed a $31 million dollar a year coop marketing budget, this little Chamber of Commerce has LIVED coop marketing on this event (which was the subject of that presentation – How to get Coop Marketing going for your business.)

3.       There was the video of my the 20 minute speech now presented on the web site of the University of Findlay.  Good visibility for the University and for the event.  The school gets to drive traffic to their site and be part of the team.  Their visibility goes up and the public wins.  http://www.findlay.edu/newsevents/sightssounds/ces/080409com.htm

4.       The morning of this writing I just got off the phone on a radio interview with a local morning talk show “Good Mornings!” with Chris Oaks on 1330 WFIN-AM.  It makes the Talk Show look great as they are in the know AND get to make and report on news, and makes the big event more visible.  Chris was a true pro and our pre-established possible questions with responses made a conversation directed and made HIM look very knowledgeable. 

5.       The BIG event is still 9 days away . . . stay tuned.

6.       The afternoon after the event, the SBDC champion has arranged for 8 companies to get together for some one-on-one coaching on growing their businesses. 

7.       The evening of the big event the local Community Action Commission, a nonprofit organization that helps start up entrepreneurs has me speaking to their class of new businessmen. 

Which all begs the question.   Who is at the center of the great efforts by this Chamber of Commerce? 

I just got off the phone with Ray De Winkle, who is the President of the Chamber.  In great fashion he blames Jeremiah Garcia (his guy) and Craig Brown.  A hallmark of a great leader is passing the blame down on good things and taking blame on the bad stuff. 

It is great to see things happen right.  Way to go Findlay!  Who says you have be a big giant business, Chamber of Comerce with 1,500 members.  Small is nimble.  Small is adaptive.  Nimble, adaptive and living off the land will become the winner in our high speed world. 

Think outside the box.    

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