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Worlds Greatest Speakers . . . and they are coming

I am the President Elect of the National Speakers Association – the Ohio Chapter in 2009 and 2010.  As part of that assignment I get to pick the speakers for our Sunday meetings.  Now the NSA has 4,000 professional speakers across the country.  The best of the best.  All of them as a way of “giving back” and to get exposure want to get on the agenda. I am so excited for my fellow NSA brothers and sisters as I look at the considered field.  These will be absolutely awesome. If you could learn from the best of the best
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Confessions of a legal Counterfeiter – No-Name Generics . . . Getting Ahead in a Bad Economy

It was the late 1970’s and we had just introduced No-Name Generics to the United States.   The economy was in a huge downturn.  Sound familiar?  The concept had not caught on yet and these products were stuck in an extra corner of the grocery store somewhere.  Within months we would be a household name. . . . but now we had (forgive the pun) no-name. What were some of the things that got us moving?  What could you use in your business today to not only survive, but to prosper? 1. Stand out!!!!!!! White cans with black lettering on them. 
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Welcome to the Customer Experience

Ah . . .the Customer Experience.The wedding, the graduation, the poor customer service, the stage play, the buying of that new appliance, the relationship with the visiting salesman, or the relationship you have with your doctor.  Done right, they create experiences and events that change and mold our lives. They create drastic change in direction, are the fodder of sweet memories, and staging points for a return to “do it again.” They cause us to marvel and look in awe at the organizations who produce them. Done wrong, they are the core of anger, frustration, lost productivity, evaporated profits and
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