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When Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter go bad – why Social Networking may be screwing up your life

It was scary.  Nashville was mobbed by educators from across the country.  As presenter at their conference I was amazed by the slate of Social Networking sessions.  There are thousands of experts who travel the country espousing the correct method to Twitter, Facebook and a host of other sites.  Each tells of how these tools will bring world peace or cure the common cold.  Problems tend to turn to technology for a fix.  If the horse isn’t fast enough then build the car.  If the saw blade gets dull invent the laser to cut.  The latest invention in the world
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What does YOUR name stand for? >=

I was giving a workshop and someone raised their hand and asked, “Kordell, where do we buy a copy of that material?”  I responded with a little too much flippancy, “just call 1-800-Kordell and I will get it for you.”  After the session one of the workshop participants approached me and asked the question, “So Kordell, what are the numbers in your 800 number?”  “Oh no, no.  I don’t have that number.  What I was trying to say is that you can just call me and I will get you the material.”   I thought, boy you better be careful, you
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Hugging a Wind Gust – How Smart Business People Do IT.

Like any hang glider knows, it is hard to control the wind.  What about Reed Hastings and Netflix?  A decade ago he was embarrassed to tell his wife about late fees on a video rental he forgot to return.  A trip to the gym had him thinking, “why can’t I make renting a DVD video like my membership at the gym?  You pay a flat rate per month and use it all you want.”   Does Blockbuster wish they could turn back the clock and not charge this one guy a late fee?  Here comes a wind gust.   Now Mister Hastings
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