What does YOUR name stand for? >=

I was giving a workshop and someone raised their hand and asked, “Kordell, where do we buy a copy of that material?” 

I responded with a little too much flippancy, “just call 1-800-Kordell and I will get it for you.” 

After the session one of the workshop participants approached me and asked the question, “So Kordell, what are the numbers in your 800 number?” 

“Oh no, no.  I don’t have that number.  What I was trying to say is that you can just call me and I will get you the material.”   I thought, boy you better be careful, you are sending the wrong message.

I was telling my Supreme Commander later about this and Renee said, “why don’t you check and see if the numbers for K-O-R-D-E-L-L are available?”

So I dialed the number and the other end of the line picked up and was silent for a moment.

“Hello?” I said. 

Then came a smokey voice on the other end, “Hello Big Boy.”

Whoa.  1-800-KORDELL is a porn number?

Take any advance in civilization there are these two opposing forces in play.

Polarity <=> and Attraction >=<.

Polarity <=>is the movement towards opposite ends of the spectrum in any given area.  The movement towards light and dark.  The good and bad behaviors in mankind. 

Attraction >=< is the principle that “likes attract”.  Unlike magnetism the real world more reflects this drawing together of similar things. 

That which we appreciate we appropriate.  We are drawn to that which is similar to ourselves.  The strong get stronger so they can run faster. . . so they can get stronger . . . so they can jump higher . . .so he can compete with others who are strong.  Doctors like to “hang” with other doctors.  Movie stars love to be with other movie stars.  Criminals just happen to get in trouble with other criminals.

Bring into existence any new discovery and these 2 forces kick into action.  For example the discovery of the theory of relativity and E=MC2.  We see the Polarity of the Atom Bomb and the Nuclear Power Plant.  One destroys the other builds. 

The Internet.  Polarity brings the creation of porn sites and their enslavement . . .and it’s opposite of exposing the corruption of bad people and governments and the freedoms eventually created.  

When you combine the Internet and the Law of Attraction you have one of the biggest revolutions to occur in modern times.  The law of Attraction and the explosion of Social Networking.  Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other iterations are bringing together people and movements in unheard of new ways.  There are 50,000 new Baby Boomers signing up for Facebook a day.  Each discovering their old High School friends.    

I say revolution because I am still running into people who are holding back on getting involved in the connecting miracle of this world.

A few guidelines.

1.       When these sites ask you a series of questions to fill in your profile . . . YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER EVERY QUESTION.   Just give the information that is relevant or that you want others to see.

2.       Don’t put pictures on the internet that put you in a bad light.  Just figure that anything that is posted on the internet is there forever.

3.       If you plan on using these sites to sell you and your business, be aware that this will turn others off and they will “opt” you out (turn you off so they don’t see your rants, posts, wanderings.)

4.       For those of you who still think you want to keep your knowledge and information secret and not share it with others, repent.  You can find EVERYTHING online.   Just know that if you are advancing your mind you will read new information faster than you can give it away.    Educators will have a real problem with this as they think their know-how is their value.  The degree is the value.  Get over yourself. 

So who answers YOUR 800 number? 

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