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When Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter go bad – why Social Networking may be screwing up your life

It was scary.  Nashville was mobbed by educators from across the country.  As presenter at their conference I was amazed by the slate of Social Networking sessions.  There are thousands of experts who travel the country espousing the correct method to Twitter, Facebook and a host of other sites.  Each tells of how these tools will bring world peace or cure the common cold.  Problems tend to turn to technology for a fix.  If the horse isn’t fast enough then build the car.  If the saw blade gets dull invent the laser to cut.  The latest invention in the world
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The World’s Worst Motivational Speaker is Malarkey

George Campbell is good at being bad.  A professional standup comedian, he found his clean humor appealed to the corporate meeting crowd.   One day he was thinking about how much easier it is to speak to a conference than it is to entertain a crowd in a Comedy Club.  In his conversation with a friend he said, thinking out loud, “I ought to put together stage personality and act as the ‘world’s worst motivational speaker’.” It took him two years before he was ready to introduce Joe Malarkey, this over the top, cheesy, motivation speaker.   For example he parodies the
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