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How to know if you are NOT engaged with your Customers – – – 15 ways to determine the amount of Customer Engagement

When your sales people do more talking than listening. When you do strategic planning and no customers are involved or participating. When the last time you read a customer comment was more than 3 months. When you have not customer experience training. When you don’t have a senior staff position that champions the customer experience (CXO). When you don’t collect the (personal) name of the customer in your interaction with them. When you don’t reward and celebrate those employees that demonstrate great customer interactions. When there is no mention of great customer experiences on your web site. When your marketing
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"I are smart" and other Customer Engagement Myths – Improving Customer Service Requires so MUCH MORE.

There are 21 hospitals in the Intermountain Health Care system.  When they were deciding what to do to raise the level of their customer’s experience, they focused on the world ENGAGEMENT.  But what one person defines as engagement differs from another.  Fortunately for IHC, they decided that shared decision making was a key.  Shared decisions. At Disney, there are levels of engagement.  Some “guests” opt for the full Monte with the Disney Plus program, complete with arm bands that act as  mobile credit cards.   Those who chose to go “all in” even decorate their bands with Disney pins and themes.
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With a Gear as their Logo – Planet Fitness has one asset that is anything BUT another cog in the machine.

It is a fitness center!  Just another gathering of treadmills, clanking weights, and hard charging ellipticals.  As I enter, there is the mandatory scan of my key chain fob and then it is off to some torture device that will elicit sweat. There, in this particular location, is a beautiful Polynesian young lady with a ready smile.  As I scan my ID each day, there in front of her is a computer screen with my face and name.  The same tools as so many other fitness centers.  But in this one the front desk help actually read my name and
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