How to know if you are NOT engaged with your Customers – – – 15 ways to determine the amount of Customer Engagement

  1. When your sales people do more talking than listening.
  2. When you do strategic planning and no customers are involved or participating.
  3. When the last time you read a customer comment was more than 3 months.
  4. When you have not customer experience training.
  5. When you don’t have a senior staff position that champions the customer experience (CXO).
  6. When you don’t collect the (personal) name of the customer in your interaction with them.
  7. When you don’t reward and celebrate those employees that demonstrate great customer interactions.
  8. When there is no mention of great customer experiences on your web site.
  9. When your marketing contains more pictures of your products and services, than they do of people/customers/clients.
  10. When your marketing/web site contains more “we”, “our” language than it does “you” and “your” words (meaning “you . . .the customer get . . . “)
  11. When you don’t ask the simple question, “Will you tell your family and friends about your experience with us?”
  12. When you consider your competition those others who provide similar offerings to yours, instead of Disney, Trader Joe’s, Five Guy’s, Victoria Secret, and other charismatic organizations.
  13. When your customers can’t tell YOUR story to others easily.
  14. When your focus is on your organizational outcomes instead of the customer’s outcomes.
  15. When you can’t answer the above question.

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