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Making a Dent In the Universe . . . Putting a Dent in Your Membership Growth

He smiled.  “If they had not done it already . . . they had it on their bucket list of to-do”s.  EVERYONE of them.” A consultant friend was doing training for a large national oil industry client.  The client had hired several hundred engineers of various sorts and flavors (chemical, electrical, mechanical) and they were going through a twelve week on-boarding class.  The “getting to know you” session was in full swing when the consultant experienced the Making-A-Dent-In-The-Universe observation. “Every one of this group of one hundred plus engineers had taken a year out of their career pursuits to contribute
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Charisma is Going Past Customer Wow . . . Birthdays for 102 year olds at Wendy'' Hamburgers . . . and a Banjo Too

This particular chain of Wendy”s Hamburger restaurants are consistently the most profitable, and productive in the country (actually they are the top . . .but for confidentiality I need to keep their identity secret.) In a few weeks I will be working with a group of their key managers.  In preparation I take a provided lunch coupon to one of their locations for some “research”.  I mean . . . this is a Wendy”s.  How can you make French fries special.As I pull into the parking lot, every space is full.  Finally, w-a-y in the back I find an empty
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