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Part 4 – Revelation & Vision for the Future – Skills That Will Create Significance

Today, and in the future, where mass-customization is the call of the day, we will do business “with” my Starbuck’s, my doctor, or my Disney vacation. “When I go to MY Starbucks,  they know me personally.   I appreciate that fact when they put MY name on MY cup of java.” Like the Pied Piper, the future will vacuum us into personal relationships with others and their organizations.   Disney’s Magic Plus, or a Harley-Davidson HOG weekend, or even the personalized shopping experience of a Zappos shoe purchase, will become the norm.  It will become the expected. Your competition will change from
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Let the Hot Chocolate Continue to Flow . . . continuation of a previous blog

Variety is the spice of life.  Because I am the curious sort I continue in my search for the perfect hot chocolate getaway.  I continue to work on the next book each morning and thought my Starbucks and McDonalds forays might be helped with a journey to the other two A.M. eating establishments. Cracker Barrel.  Pleasant surprise when I discovered the hot chocolate is 50 cents less than Mickey D’s.   The table top space for my weapons of writing was huge but the wait staff was surly, I guess because of the demands on them to distribute the salt
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Pour Hot Chocolate into that Open Wound – and we liked it!

Writing the next book. My friend Janine Moon, an awesome business coach, gave a great insight.  “There are too many distractions in my office.  When I write I go to the local coffee shop.” Day 1 – Starbucks – The words flow onto my laptop as my hot chocolate sits next to the iPod that is pulling it’s load of a gentle mix of movie soundtracks.  Outlets are everywhere as other business people sit addicted to their latest email fixes.  A fireplace radiates heat into the warm oak-paneled space.  Small and intimate.  I sit at an oak table with hot
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