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Pour Hot Chocolate into that Open Wound – and we liked it!

Writing the next book. My friend Janine Moon, an awesome business coach, gave a great insight.  “There are too many distractions in my office.  When I write I go to the local coffee shop.” Day 1 – Starbucks – The words flow onto my laptop as my hot chocolate sits next to the iPod that is pulling it’s load of a gentle mix of movie soundtracks.  Outlets are everywhere as other business people sit addicted to their latest email fixes.  A fireplace radiates heat into the warm oak-paneled space.  Small and intimate.  I sit at an oak table with hot
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Guidelines for Writing Copy and Headlines

Tips, Tricks and Traps for Writing Copy   Remember when you learned those concepts in school on how to write persuasively?  Here is a little update and refresher.      Rules for Headlines and Copy 1.      Headlines should be at the top of the page 2.      Sans Serif (without “tails”)  fonts for Headlines. . . serif for Body 3.      Write 15 different headlines and use the best one 4.      80% of the focus and attention for the eyes of your customer will be on the headline 5.      Flag the Headline with your message subject – if you are selling Sales
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