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What YOUR Competition Does NOT Want YOU To Know About

It is called Sub Rosa.  You need to be aware of this term.  It could sneak up on you.  Consider some recent news stories.    ·         The recruiting of Sales and Marketing Executives has found new levels of attention and activity by Executive Head Hunters (Wall Street Journal) ·         Restaurant Sales are way up over last year (USA Today) ·         Victoria Secret’s new Miraculous Bra is expected to show great sales in 2010 signaling a time when women are ready to spend on themselves again. (NY Times) The economy is coming back (no surprise) and when that happens the focus
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Leadership should smell like Miracle Whip

Kraft Mac & Cheese, pantyhose, and Apple iPods.  When times get tough, we see the emergence of true leadership and vision.  The choice is to wallow in pity, self doubt and second guessing or – to act and charge ahead, WITH COURAGE.  It is during hard times that we most need to look for opportunities, to get creative, to hone our capabilities and look for new ways to succeed.  In the recession of 2001 and 2002, General Electric, with billions of dollars of sales in light bulbs failed to keep up with the inventiveness of rivals who were developing more-efficient
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Confessions of a legal Counterfeiter – No-Name Generics . . . Getting Ahead in a Bad Economy

It was the late 1970’s and we had just introduced No-Name Generics to the United States.   The economy was in a huge downturn.  Sound familiar?  The concept had not caught on yet and these products were stuck in an extra corner of the grocery store somewhere.  Within months we would be a household name. . . . but now we had (forgive the pun) no-name. What were some of the things that got us moving?  What could you use in your business today to not only survive, but to prosper? 1. Stand out!!!!!!! White cans with black lettering on them. 
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