What YOUR Competition Does NOT Want YOU To Know About

It is called Sub Rosa.  You need to be aware of this term.  It could sneak up on you.  Consider some recent news stories.   

  • ·         The recruiting of Sales and Marketing Executives has found new levels of attention and activity by Executive Head Hunters (Wall Street Journal)
  • ·         Restaurant Sales are way up over last year (USA Today)
  • ·         Victoria Secret’s new Miraculous Bra is expected to show great sales in 2010 signaling a time when women are ready to spend on themselves again. (NY Times)

The economy is coming back (no surprise) and when that happens the focus moves from the HR, Legal and Accounting Departments and moves to Marketing and Sales.

The calls we are getting for sales training is starting to explode.  Organizations are focusing on growth of market share now that customer sets are starting to spend and grow again. 

Which brings us to the concept of Sub Rosa. 

During a Merger and Acquisition there is a time period where extreme confidentiality and “hush hush” needs to be maintained.  This Sub Rosa time, or under the rose, is a throw back to the secret and sacred commitments made in old time religions and sects.  No need to alert the competition. 

For example, in the world of chocolate, the competition is so fierce that people can be fired just for talking to the press  . . . period.  Sub Rosa.  They do not want the competition to know what they are doing until it is too late. 

When I was selling No-Name Generics to the grocery business, we practiced low key, “don’t brag” sales tactics.  Sell to your customers, but don’t feed your ego by telling your competition how great you are.   Sub Rosa.

What no one is telling you that NOW IS THE TIME TO FOCUS ON SELLING.  Your competition wants you to get caught in Sub Rosa.  But I am telling you . . . Now is the time to renew your efforts . . . to do some network marketing.    Prospecting needs to be a major focus.  I didn’t say cold calling.  Prospecting . . . the first of four steps that are involved in selling. 

1.      How much business do you have now?

2.      How much business would you want to have?

3.      What is your goal to get the new level?  If you don’t have a goal, target customers with a prospecting plan, then the new sales levels will not come.   

Trust me . . . prospecting, marketing and sales training is hot, hot, hot.  Put the recession behind you mentally and dust off the tools.  The time has come to go back to work.  It is gonna get fun.   

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