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Dentists are Getting Chewed Up – – – How Dental Professionals can escape Price Competition and other Woes

Dentists are getting chewed up.  Third-party dictation of dental fees, the overpopulation of Dentists and Hygienists, and the expansion of “staff” doing more and more dentistry are just the tip of the iceberg that is threatening to sink the ship. In the middle of that is the patient, who is demanding a different experience.   The millennial generation is bringing in their kids, and they want something different than those Baby Boomers. Is the problem the competition or is it the mindset of the dentist?  IF the customer is shopping for the best price on a filling, then dentistry is just
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Your Chairside Manner May be Good, BUT That is Not Enough . . . the Future of Dentistry

I just moved to a new city.  New banks, new dry cleaners, and a need for a new dentist.  Our society values referrals now more than ever.  After talking to multiple acquaintances; some orthodontists, endodontist, oral surgeons and even calls to dental labs, the same name kept popping up.  Let’s call him Dr. Awesome. In the dental world there is a very elaborate dance that occurs between general dentists and the referrals they make to specialist for braces, surgery, and other advanced tooth care issues.  Study groups of dental professionals who network and gain some addition knowledge; have at their
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