Dentists are Getting Chewed Up – – – How Dental Professionals can escape Price Competition and other Woes

Dentists are getting chewed up.  Third-party dictation of dental fees, the overpopulation of Dentists and Hygienists, and the expansion of “staff” doing more and more dentistry are just the tip of the iceberg that is threatening to sink the ship.

In the middle of that is the patient, who is demanding a different experience.   The millennial generation is bringing in their kids, and they want something different than those Baby Boomers.

Is the problem the competition or is it the mindset of the dentist?  IF the customer is shopping for the best price on a filling, then dentistry is just another commodity.  Is your competitor another dentists who gives the customer a ten dollar lower price?  (If you base your business on price then you will always have to do business on price.) 

How would you like a competitor who allows you to charge more?   Who really is your competition?

Those Millennials and Baby Boomers are comparing you to another.  They love Disney, Trader Joe’s, and Apple Computer.  They go out of their way for Café Rio, a Pixar movie, and Costco.  These competitors provide awesome customer experiences AND THEY CHARGE MORE FOR IT.

Your patients see these (and other) Charismatic Businesses as the example of what is good in the world.  They seek out these organizations and then return again and again, dragging their friends and family along for the ride.

Charismatic dental practices are magnetic.  They not only provide a experience that the customer gladly pays additional money for, they do so using the elements of Business Charisma.

One of the business charisma qualities is knowing that a major portion of the patient experience occurs before or after their office visit.  Orthodontist give our lip balm with their logo on it.  They want their patients to pull it out in front of their friends, so their friends will go to the same practice.

There are eight qualities that magnetic dental practices can steal from Disney, Harley-Davidson, and even Victoria’s Secret . . .that will make their practices charismatic.  But those will not benefit the dentist until they start realizing that their competition has already changed.  They just don’t know it yet.

Because if you are doing the business the way you were yesterday, you will get the same results as yesterday.

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