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When Boxes Compete with Ketchup

The Amazon box arrives.  Opened and the contents removed, I see that Amazon has figured out how to extend their presence.  On the flaps of the box, Amazon has printed a truck with wheels, and an amusement park skyline (see pics).   If executed, you now have your 4 year old playing “with the box”. This reminds me of getting some shoes from Cabela’s.  Opening the box, I discovered a target printed on the inside.  So now you wear the shoes, take the box out back and shoot it full of holes . . . dashing any hopes of returning the
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Part 4 – Revelation & Vision for the Future – Skills That Will Create Significance

Today, and in the future, where mass-customization is the call of the day, we will do business “with” my Starbuck’s, my doctor, or my Disney vacation. “When I go to MY Starbucks,  they know me personally.   I appreciate that fact when they put MY name on MY cup of java.” Like the Pied Piper, the future will vacuum us into personal relationships with others and their organizations.   Disney’s Magic Plus, or a Harley-Davidson HOG weekend, or even the personalized shopping experience of a Zappos shoe purchase, will become the norm.  It will become the expected. Your competition will change from
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What is Hindering Your Business'' "Bedside Manner"? How to Adjust the Emphasis on the Right-Way-To-Do-Things . . . and Instead Develop a Charismatic Customer Relationship

“Their Emergency Room scores for patient satisfaction was rated one of the best of hospitals across the country.  And yet if they focused on controlling quality, they might be undermining patient trust and respect.” “How is that,” I ask?  My conversations are with Todd, a medical resident who recently returned from a rotation of various departments in this distant and admired hospital.  “When an 8 year old comes into the ER, his diagnosis might immediately indicate administering an anti-inflammatory like Tylenol or Ibuprofen.    Normally we doctors, who get our value from knowing all the answers might prescribe and be done
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