When Boxes Compete with Ketchup

The Amazon box arrives.  Opened and the contents removed, I see that Amazon has figured out how to extend their presence.  On the flaps of the box, Amazon has printed a truck with wheels, and an amusement park skyline (see pics).   If executed, you now have your 4 year old playing “with the box”.

This reminds me of getting some shoes from Cabela’s.  Opening the box, I discovered a target printed on the inside.  So now you wear the shoes, take the box out back and shoot it full of holes . . . dashing any hopes of returning the shoes (LOL) and using up your “ammo” and so requiring another purchase at Cabela’s.

The purchase was for something else.   The bonus was the box.

The highest valued thing that charismatic organizations do is creativity.  Consumers love the eclectic, and off the wall thinking that connects the customer.

If you combine creativity, with the thought of extending the customers interaction . . . that is called packaging.  It is taking the box and having it do the job of the bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator.   “Get the customer to see you and your brand repeatedly.”  That is free advertising.  It is leveraging your resources.   That is creativity, and the customers love it.  

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