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"It is worth it because. . . ." – How To Craft a Business Story Based on Your True Value

Howard Schultz came back and saved Starbucks in 2008.  His focus was to get back to the coffee experience. But what happens when the business focuses too much on the bottom line?  We forget that the customer refers and recommends the value of our offering by completing the following: “It is worth it because . . . . ” Starbucks is starting to focus on drive through business.  I have seen several of their “container” locations where they sell the profitable hot drinks, where the customer does NOT have a place to meet friends.  Those pesky customers are expensive.  The
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Incredible Math for Employee Turnover . . .and other revelations

Forbes had a great article with statistics that will make you stop and think. In 2014 an employee given a 3% raise really only gets a 1% increase in spending because of inflation If that same employee leaves the company they can look forward to a 10% to 20% increase in salary (with some as high as 50%) This is a call for HR to rethink their methods. If that employee does leave consider The replacement costs for an entry-level employee is between 30% to 50% of their annual salary. For mid-level employees it could cost up to 150% of
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