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Customer Service is not enough. In fact, it is two steps behind.

I am a soap stealer.   There, I said it.  If I am going to pay $200 dollars for the hotel room, then I am taking the unopened soap.  That was until my wife revolted at my effort to corner the hotel soap market.  “Don””t bring home any more until you do something with those,” she said pointing to a box of beige and white wrapped packages. As I was walking past the box I realized one my thievery victims knew that I would take their soap.  They planned on it.  They wanted me to think about my stay at their
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Having the Big Bucks Does Not Mean You Will Win – Why Personality and People will Win

It is called The Residence.  For eight hours you get a living room, shower, private bathroom, a double bed with a flat panel screen, and your own butler.  The price?  $20,000. On Etihad Airlines, the flight from London to Abu Dhabi can be taken in the nose of a new A380 with your own Residence experience . . . all contained in 125 square feet. Before their first flight, the first month is already sold out. Does that kind of high end experience qualify as charismatic?  Not necessarily.  The butler/chef might be able to cook.  But when their ability to
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