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Charisma . . . Is it learned or are you born with it?

JFK, Eva Peron, Marilyn Monroe had it.  That charisma that attracts others.  In the case of Monroe, she seemed to be able to turn it on or off at will. There is evidence that companies too have “charisma”.  Is it the difference between Sam””””s Club and Costco?  Of In & Out Burger and McDonalds? So is it something that is learned or are you born with it? I personally believe you can learn it.  Just like an employee of Disney, who is taught how to respond to others.  There are things you (and your business) can do to get this
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If you are a hotel and providing fresh cookes . . . is that enough? In Pursuit of Hotel "Je Ne Sais Quoi" (the special something that guests are looking for)

I pulled into the Ritz Carlton only to have my car descended upon by a crack team of Bell Captains.  By the time I was walking down the hall to my room I had been accosted by at least 8 trained professionals who all had the mad plot of making my customer experience “needle” pin against the “wow” part of the scale. It took me the rest of my three day stay to figure out how they provided an off the chart guest experience.  I thought I would discover some secret technology that allowed them to communicate between themselves about
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Gaping Headwound and Amish SnickerDoodle Cookies – Motivate your customers? Thank you . . . I think I will.

I didn””t see the nail poking out, until after the board hit the ceiling and the business end burrowed itself into my forehead.  There is something cool about opening the door and your wife seeing blood running down your face.  (not to worry, it looked a lot worse than it really was).  A few years ago I was speaking to 600 Amish businessmen.  It was lunch and 6 of us were surrounding a table, eating the box lunches and talking.  I pulled out the cellophane wrapped Snicker Doodle cookie and commented on it being labeled “Homemade Snicker Doodle”.    I pointed
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