Charisma . . . Is it learned or are you born with it?

JFK, Eva Peron, Marilyn Monroe had it.  That charisma that attracts others.  In the case of Monroe, she seemed to be able to turn it on or off at will.

There is evidence that companies too have “charisma”.  Is it the difference between Sam””””s Club and Costco?  Of In & Out Burger and McDonalds?

So is it something that is learned or are you born with it?

I personally believe you can learn it.  Just like an employee of Disney, who is taught how to respond to others.  There are things you (and your business) can do to get this charisma, this marketing moxie.

For example.  Consider the Power of Story.  Used properly you can connect quickly and profoundly with a story.

“When you absolutely, positively must have it there overnight.”

That is a story.  So is . . .

“Got milk?”

Ronald Riggio, the professor from Claremont McKenna College, who studies this special something indicates that . .


“ . . . Presidents rated as charismatic, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, used twice as many metaphors in their inaugural addresses as did their less riveting counterparts, such as Warren Harding and Herbert Hoover.”

We can learn to use stories.  They are easy to understand, to connect with and to share with others.

If the most successful use them . . . surrender.  You too can become more charismatic.



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