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“Man-up”… not!. The imperative is to Brand Up! – The 3 Steps to Creating a Brand Strategy

Fifty seven BILLION dollars!   My oldest brother has an acquaintance who sold his brand, for $57 BILLION dollars (ever hear of Gillette).  Not bad money if you can get it.   This is a powerful statement for brands . . . er . . . equities. What the market will pay you for your value represents an equity.  Stocks, bonds, or the equity in your home; are things we understand.  But another equity in business is it’s “brand”. A brand is a value that exists in the mind of the customer.  That mental place holder is what gives the brand equity
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Carbon . . . when average is for pencils but with Synergy it becomes diamonds – a sales pitch on the Synergy Selling System

Do you want high performance sales people? In it’s simple form carbon makes every pencil useful.  But take the same carbon and add additional forces and then polish . . . and the average becomes extraordinary. Are you sales reps average?  Would you like to develop some diamonds? Our Synergy Selling System© gets your sales people to: Increase Sales with skills that create customer experiences! Develop prospecting plans for explosive sales Move away from “price” and improve margins (teach your people how to differentiate your brand/value) Learn how to leverage time and resources to multiply sales Connect with customers as
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