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The 10 Commandments of How to Handle Angry Customers

The 10 Commandments of Angry Customers By Kordell Norton I – Thou Shalt Assume That Thy Customer Has Rights . . . Including Anger Every decision is made by its decision maker.  That person may not be the smartest, most qualified, or the right person to be making the decision . . . but it is still their decision.  It is our job to persuade them as much as we can to make the right decision, or in our favor if that is the case.  That decision maker has the title of CUSTOMER.  If they don’t make it in our
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Only a professional speaker would find something good in having their car stolen

“Dad, my car got stolen,” the words coming fast and in panic from his cell phone. My home-bound college student had just lost everything he owned while he sat in the restaurant.  “Even my birth certificate and social security card,” he declared.  For a couple of days all he owned were the clothes on his back and his iPhone.  He was able to stay on top of a police investigation, cancel credit cards, start on the insurance spreadsheets, apply security protection on his identity and keep us informed of his activities  . . . all on his phone. On his
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