You Know What "TIPS" stands for? When you give someone a TIP . . .what does the acronym mean?

TIPS = “To Insure Prompt Service”

Our experience in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on a recent trip.  Dallas has incredible Tex-Mex food.  When I go there, I get to renew my love affair with this fare.

Two Tex-Mex restaurants.  Basically identical food.  The final bills almost the same.  But one got the bigger tip.

Both restaurants refilled my spouses caffeine-addiction-Diet-Pepsi glass three times.  But the better restaurant asked if she would like a “take home” glass of diet drink.

Both restaurants had heated salsa and chips.   But the better restaurant brought a second bowl of “refill” chips without our asking . . . three times!  Heck, when we left the table, the server managed to keep the small bowl of salsa continually filled.

I almost felt guilty with the level of service we were getting.

Now which one will I recommend to friends?

But isn’t that the new commodity of business . . . the stories that we tell our friends?

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