When Doctors Give Bad Service . . . YOU DIE!

DoctorThere is a large medical care organization who approached me about working with their leadership.  A proposal was created and then, when my phone calls were not returned I got the message . . . “thanks, but no thanks.”

Now I am OK with that.  If you get 100% of all the business you are shooting at then you are either priced too low, or you are lying.

But then I got thinking.  If an organization who has the lives of their customers literally in their hands . . . does not have enough professionalism and follow up to call back the expert on Customer Service, Sales & Strategy . . . what does that say about the organization?

It tells me that if I have a health problem, I had better go down the street where they come in again and again to see if I am alright.

After all, who wants a professional medical person who only talks to you when the news is good?

It reminds me of the tobacco companies.  Kill your customers before they can complain about you to others.

Can’t you just see my screwed up and puzzled facial expression?

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