What is normal

The owner of the shop had the cutest little black puppy.

“May I hold her?” I asked.

There is a change that happens to your heart when you hold a puppy.  They are so accepting, lavishing licks and kisses.  They only know optimism and friendship.

When you watch others respond to puppies they too go through the same interaction.  Acceptance, love, caring, fun, and affection.

So too is the customer relationship.  At first it is filled with the same emotions.  Over time the hope and caring fade.  First on one side, then on the other.

Those people/organizations that continue to see the engagement with glass half full viewpoints continue to have the kind of joyful relationships that never tire.

Too many puppies grow up.  Too many companies grow up.  Too many people grow up.

It is time to hold a puppy (mentally) for the first time.

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