To REALLY get a Promotion you have to transfer into this department

They are the best of the best. Handsome and beautiful in a honest, aw-shucks way. They are the troops of the Guest Services department at Disney.

Kordell Norton with some of Disney's best of the best

These young men and women have the honor of being the host and hostess for visiting dignitaries, for treasured guests.

Recently I approached Sarah and Nathanel at Disneyland. They stood in front of a huge sign that posted waiting times for the major attractions. When I asked what it takes to get into the core of Guest Services they responded, “you cannot hire into this group. You must interview and get promoted from other departments after you have proven your stuff.”

Imagine an organization that makes the highest target for their employees – who best connects with and engages the customer. It is no wonder that Disney just posted record profits AGAIN.

As we talked it became apparent that I was more than a casual tourist. Sarah quietly reached into a close lectern and scribbled something on a piece of paper. Handing it to us she said, “take this pass and it will get you on any ride without waiting in line, except the Star Tours ride.” Now that is engagement.

It was hot, people were tired, but these two, dressed in their red plaid uniforms continued to be all smiles.

What do you call the best of the best in your organization? Which group most epitomizes the most prized part of your business? There should be no positioning, no stick and carrot thinking.

For Disney it is called Guest Services.

Disney knows what they are providing for their guests.

Which makes the Disney tag line so absolutely powerful. They know what they are providing their customers. They know what brings the customer back again and again, and when they do come back they bring others with them to share the Disney experience.

That tag line is: Let the Memories Begin

If you are a Disney competition this should make you very, very nervous. Do you have this kind of engagement with your clients, customers and employees?

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