The Super Sneaky, unBelievablely Ultimate Weapon of the Indianapolis Colts

Not only did Andrew Luck set passing records in his first few seasons with the Indianapolis Colts . . .but his secret weapon has to be the playing head-games with the competition.

When a defensive player sacks Luck, or puts a particularly hard hit on him, instead of getting mad, or complaining to the referee in an effort to get a penalty, he instead  . . . wait for it . . . compliments the opposing player.

Who does that?

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, when New England pass rusher Rob Ninkovich slammed Luck in their 42 – 20 win over the Colts, he got the customary Andrew Luck compliment on “what a great hit”.  Ninkovich said he was paralyzed with confusion.   He was so surprised that he didn””t know how to respond so he blurted out, “Thanks for . . . uh . . accepting the hit?”

It seems that Luck has that impact on others.  At first pass you think he is doing it for some secondary motivation, but the truth is, he is that kind of guy.  He is nice.

Know that when someone is that nice to you, it will make you think twice about clobbering them.  What a head game for Luck””s pursuers.

Today business is like that.  When someone treats you with respect (we use the term Gravitas in the Business Charisma book), then you think twice about them.  Are you less likely to complain?  Will you tell others about the unnatural behavior?  Will you go out of your way to get “revenge” by giving them a break.  Of course you do.

So Business Charisma is a super, sneaky weapon that gets loaded with TLC and care.   Who can stand against its influence?  “Um . . . thanks for that incredibly, considerate thing you do.”

The competition may win some battles, but you will win the war.

Business Charisma.  You””ve got to get you some of that.

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