The incision is healing.

Who cares if you can type 80+ wpm if you hands are hurting?

Carpal Tunnel.  I went in for the procedure on my drawing hand.  Scary stuff if you make your living with magic markers and a lot of Strategic Planning.

The interesting part is the Thank You Note that came in the mail last week from my operation room nurses and support staff.

Can you imagine that?  A thank you note for my business.

Hospitals are looking down the throat of a coming judgment day that goes by the initials of HCAHPS.  This is a fancy way of saying that hospitals now have report cards.  Now after you leave the hospital you are surveyed about your experience.  The responses provide a common measuring tool for Patient Satisfaction.  This data (HCAHPS) will result in the government reimbursing the hospital on their Medicare monies based on the survey results.  Better Patient Satisfaction means the hospital gets more money in the next few years.

Some of my clients who are hospitals understand that Patient Satisfaction is not enough.  Why skate to where the puck is?  When your competition gets there before you, it is too late.  You have to be ahead of them.  That is called orchestrating Customer Experiences . . . or Patient Experiences.

A thank you note from a hospital should (and probably will) become standard procedure.

Are you thanking your customers?  Are you making sure you are engaged for your next customer experience?  Is your team focused on customer experiences, or just getting by with the minimum required?

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